Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heather wrote to us to express her fondness for her Kurt Halsey pattern,

Kurt Halsey fan tattoos courtesy of Kurt Halsey Photobucket.

nothing dims these stars. in matt's handwriting. stars by kurt halsey.

KURT HALSEY TATTOOS por Kurt Halsey exposto na Art Star Gallery,


Kurt Halsey Tattoo by ~Otakunojutsu on deviantART

This was a drawing Kurt Halsey custom drew for me for a tattoo,

fuckyeahtattoos: Kurt Halsey's art<3 I'm beyond happy with this tattoo.

I've known since high school all have tattoos of Kurt Halsey's artwork.

fuckyeahtattoos: Kurt Halsey birds and quote. Got them done at separate

A collaboration of artwork by Kurt Halsey. Tattoo artist is Marco Hyder in