Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For those who want to have a successful career as a tattoo designer, it's important to do exceptional work and create the best reputation possible. This is because word of mouth is the most effective advertising. Those who do great work, get more business than they can handle, and those who do shoddy work generally have to shut down their business within a few weeks or months. There are some mistakes that tattoo designers need to avoid in order to continue their success. These are as follows:
1. Unhygienic Habits - The most critical factor is to ensure that the facility is clean. Make sure that needles are only used once and disposed of correctly to keep away from infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. In addition to clean needles, it's very important that the ink used is fresh as well. When there are clients that come back to the shop and complain of contracting infections and diseases after getting a tattoo done in that shop, the health department does not think twice and orders permanent shutting down of the shop.
2. Poor Image Quality - Quality of the tattoo design is of prime importance if you wish to become a popular artist. Whether it's a Chinese symbol, Sanskrit, Japanese character, or Arabic word, it's imperative that the word is reproduced to perfection. Some artists have made the mistakes of getting the work backward, upside down, or additional markings on the word. This not only affects the quality, but changes the appearance and impression of the word as a whole. When the images are poorly done, are sloppy, or are inaccurately reproduced, it is a permanent disaster for the wearer. It's not only a disappointment for the client but also leads to a painstaking process of getting rid of a bad tattoo.
3. Incorrect Aftercare Advice - Another aspect that must be kept in mind is acquainting the client with complete and correct aftercare advice. For example, you must ensure that the client knows that it can take up to a month for the tattoo to properly heal and that it is very important to keep the area clean. It's important to let them know how to use an antibiotic cream for the first week, and using a good antibacterial soap to wash the area several times a day followed by a moisturizer. Giving poor advice can lead to infection and an extremely unhappy client that leads to a bad reputation.
For those who aspire to become a great tattoo designer, it's necessary to realize that there are no shortcuts to success, and it takes time and care to do exceptional work. When you know how to avoid these three mistakes, and remain aware of all three of these important areas, you can become a great success.