Monday, May 13, 2013

Tribal armband tattoos have become immensely popular today. These encircle the arm with various designs and patterns and look exactly like an armband etched into your skin. There is a whole variety to choose from when it comes to armband tattoos.
Whether an armband is decorative or tribal, it speaks volumes about the personality of the wearer. Tribal armband tattoos originated from the shaman tribe
About the tribe
Initially tattoos were meant to signify a particular tribe for its people. This was supposed to help people of different tribes tell each other apart, and for individuals to show their loyalty towards their tribe. It was also a famous belief that these tattoos would help them find their clan members in the life hereafter
Ceremony or Event
Other tribes used tattoos to mark certain ceremonies and rituals, such as matrimony or coming of age. It was a kind of a test, to see if an individual was able to bear the pain, this would signify his bravery and courage to the members of his tribe, and was thus a source of respect and rank
In case of marriage ceremonies, it signified that a couple was bonded for life, something that both the husband and wife shared
This was believed to be yet another motive of a tribal tattoos, casting spells and dark magic over people. These were only shown to those upon which the magic was supposed to be performed, this was easy because armband tattoos are quite easy to conceal beneath garments. In order to make the magic effective, there are special ingredients mixed with the tattoo
Traits of bravery and Strength
There were various types of tribal armband tattoos that signified various types of people and their designations in the tribe, for example the warriors all had animal tattoos in order to make them stronger and braver, and ready for any kind of challenges that lay in the way to glory
Tribal armband tattoos today
These days the tribal armband tattoos have gained quite a lot of popularity among all tattoo enthusiasts. There are still some people who use them to mark their organization or similar.
People even design their own tribal armband because they look unique and attractive. These tattoos might not be used for the same purpose they served years ago, but they are still extremely famous today because of their aesthetic effect, and sometimes a more significant meaning, depending upon the wearer.