Saturday, May 4, 2013

Now I decide to get a tattoo, but how much should I prepare for the budget? is there a reasonable price or is tattoo price regulated?
How much will tattoo cost you? this is a common question. But once again, there is no one straight forward answer. Tattoos are not cheap, but they are definitely not beyond the means of the average employed individuals who save up for a while in order to get a high quality tattoo.
To make it simple, you get what you pay for when getting a tattoo. If you bring in your own design, the tattoo artist generally charges anywhere from forty dollars to two hundred dollars per hour. If you want a custom design, you may need pay more. Expect to pay between a few hundreds to ten thousand dollars for your tattoo.
Our advice is to find an artist and design you like first, then find out how much it will cost. Look for qualities, and be willing to pay for it, it is important not to consider compromising price for quality. You will find it is a very reasonable price to pay for a fine work of art which you can't lose or be stolen.
If your tattoer really outdoes with a truly outstandling professional tattoo, consider tip the artist just as you would do after having a fine dinner.