Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Have you ever heard of somebody that hated their newly finished tattoo even though it was something they just wanted to get? The bad thing is that a lot of people experience this in some way and the reason is because they don't bother to spend a little bit of time thinking about what to get or where on their body to get it. Getting a tattoo in the right place is very important and that is why I want to help you with this sometimes troublesome task.
The problem with a tattoo is they don't come off without a surgical procedure and that is why it is imperative that you get the perfect tattoo in the beginning. Too many people think that if the tattoo is messed up then it can be fixed later on and depending on how big or extravagant the tattoo is, it can't be. Trust me, follow the advice that I give you below because at some point it will benefit you a great deal.
Tattoos You Should Avoid
Names - Something that I strongly believe is that a tattoo should never be a name of somebody that you don't love unconditionally such as a child, parent, or brother/sister. The problem with getting a name is that a lot of people get names of their spouses, people they are dating, and sometimes even actors or athletes that they like. Think about what you do before getting the tattoo, what if the person you are dating leaves you for somebody else, they would are you going to do with their name on your body?
Logos - Have you ever seen what some older logos look like 20 years ago. The problem with logos is companies and teams change them so often that your tattoo will be outdated very quickly. What I recommend is that you get something else that will symbolize a team or company because at least that way it won't look as outdated.
Faces - Are you thinking about getting somebody's face tattooed on your body somewhere? I know this may sound cool but I would honestly get something else. The problem with getting a person's face on your body is the tattoo articles barely ever does an exact match of the person and therefore your tattoo will not really resemble who you want it to. If you want to do something then I would try to come up with another idea because as soon as the tattoo is on you can't do anything to get rid of it (other than tattoo removal surgery).
Trust me, you need to think long and hard about any type of tattoo that you plan on getting. What I would recommend is that you think about more than just the tattoo, often times the tattoo looks great but the area of your body is not the best place for it.
What I would do is get a shoulder blade tattoos because you can do many things on a bigger canvas and they are easy to cover up.