Monday, May 13, 2013

Tattoos are meant to be forever. They are meant to be a piece of art that you use to express yourself; however, with the rise of tattoo regret there is also the rise of the need to erase tattoo ink. Whether it's an ex-partner's name or something embarrassing you got done just to fit in with the crowd, there are plenty of reasons to want to get rid of unwanted ink. Thankfully even though tattoos are meant to last forever there has been an improvement in technology and research which has led to techniques to get rid of that unwanted reminder on your skin. However if you still wish to get more ink on that, then you may benefit from something called a cover-up.
What Is A Cover Up?
A cover up is simply the method of covering a tattoo with another to make the first one invisible. This is a very popular method for those of you who wish to still have ink on that area of their body (surgery and chemical removal methods will scar the tissue and getting any more ink on that area of the body would be a difficult task to go through).
Who Gets One Of These Done?
Many people get cover ups! The most common people are those that have gone and had their previous partner's name tatted on their body and are just sick of a constant reminder.
There are also people who don't like the ink they were given, or if the artist spelled something wrong or if the client changed their mind after the first session. These are all popular examples of people who go to get cover ups.
Even if you have larger pieces they too can be covered up easily but it depends if you have money to go through the sessions again for a more intricate design.
Where Can I Get One?
Any tattoo place will give you a cover up. If you liked the vibe of your last place then go in there, however if they are the reason you want to get a cover up then it may be worth it looking around for other places to get your new piece of ink.
What If I Just Want To Get Rid Of The Tattoo?
If you just want to completely erase tattoo ink then you can go through a variety of methods to do this.
The various methods work differently for different people so make sure that you do some research into which method you choose to go through when looking to erase tattoo ink.