Monday, May 13, 2013

Chemical versus natural methods have been around for some time as to which one is better and now they have spread to why one is better on how to fade a tattoo. Whether the love that you thought that would last forever with your ex partner ends just after you get their name inked on you or whether you got yourself an embarrassing tattoo when you were young, drunk or even recently then this is surely you are asking yourself. To make it easier for you below I will cover the debate between chemical and natural methods and let you pick for yourself!
Chemical Methods
These are the methods of using chemically created products to treat a problem or in this case to get rid of a tattoo. The advantages of chemical methods are that they are highly effective as research has been put into these methods to make sure that they work for their chosen purpose. The disadvantage of chemical methods is that sometimes they may not work on some people for different reasons and another being the side-effects that come with the chemicals. Rashes, scarring and other reactions may occur thanks to using a chemical product so make sure that you consult a doctor before you go forward with this method.
An example of a chemical way to remove tattoos is chemical peel. This is something that you apply to your tatted area and a controlled burn occurs on this part of the skin. Your skin soon peels (taking off some ink) and scabs over with fresh ink. You will have to go through with this procedure over various sessions to remove the full tattoo depending on the size of it.
As mentioned there are side-effects and with chemical peel the main side-effect is slight scarring to the skin as it has to peel and scab over with new and fresh skin. Another side-effect is the chance of getting an allergic reaction to the chemical (which does happen). Once again it is best to consult a doctor before you go onto using the medication.
Natural Methods
Many people don't know this but there are in fact methods you can use on how to fade a tattoo. Natural methods should be the first choice when looking to treat something because they are natural methods meaning no side-effects and little to no pain at all during the whole process of it!
When looking at how to fade a tattoo the natural methods won't leaving scarring or abrasion that the chemical methods will leave you with and natural method will also be a lot cheaper than buying the chemicals over and over again for repeat self-treatment!