Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rap tattoos or rap artist tattoos are very popular. This phenomena has lead to a strange mix of cultures. You everyone is into celebrities, movie stars, signers, and rappers. Even those of us like myself who like to say we are not sometimes get caught up in what is hot with different celebrities. Well rap artists have created a whole new type of celebrity. It is almost the anti hero of sorts. Rap artists often like to play the gangster become big time star role and in fact many of them have achieved this lifestyle.
The rich gangster living the big life being a player is the immortalized dream that we see 247 on television in rap videos from MTV to VH1 to all sorts of other things. You know what I am talking about the rap artists with the gold chains, pimped out Hummer, or Lincoln Navigator with some hot babes wearing tongs on either side of his arm. What guy in their right mind wouldn't want that dream. Even guys that don't listen to rap or claim that it is not their dream would be pretty hard pressed to turn away from that life! Pimped out house, cars and fancy women and food!
Well, this whole dream has lead to many new trends in tattoo art. Now there are more and more people getting tattoos of their favorite rap artists. Either a 50 cent tattoo, Nelly tattoo, or Tupac they all have great tattoos and their tattoo gallery pages are some of the most visited pages on our site. In fact we even get quit a few jobs posted by people wanting a similar tattoo. Right now someone posted for a copy of a Nelly tattoo. You know the one Nelly has with the cards and it says his name on each card N-E-L-L-Y. We also have a job posted on the website for some wanting a Tupac "Thug Life" tattoo. What a great way to memorialize the guy!
These items are very popular and it has created a strange mix of a celebrity gangster who is all tatted up. People normally think of tattoos on a white hells angel biker dude. However those days are over and the a new age of tattoos and tattoo design is upon us and tattoo and now the great universal and no longer a separator.