Monday, May 13, 2013

If you want a tattoo with a complicated patterns and a deeper meaning, consider using Celtic Tattoo Designs. You'll need a gallery of some designs to choose from, a little background in what each design means, and a very talented tattoo artist (preferably one who has had experience with Celtic designs). You do not want to find mistakes on your tattoo after it has been applied. Tattoos are tough to fix. This applies doubly for tiny weaving patterns and intricate knots.
Ensure your design sticks out. Get a design where the lines are at the very least a quarter of an inch away from each other. A traditional Celtic knot is usually drawn in a continues unending pattern. This is used to represent eternity and the everlasting change between life and death. Celtic knots are a wonderful way to embroider, link and embolden other symbols, patterns and designs.
One of the most popular designs still used today is of course - Celtic cross tattoos. It is a well known religious symbol, but it also carries some ancient druidic value as a common ward used to fend off evil.
A Trinity knot (also known as a Triquetra) is a continues loop which changes direction sharply at three points. These points usually symbolize the inner balance of body, mind and soul.
The trinity knot can sometimes be confused with a Celtic triskel. A triskel is made of three connected spirals which flow in the same direction. This gives off the sensation of a consistent motion and a fine sense of balance. The spirals are often used to symbolize the different planes of existence.
The Plane Above - Is the realm of celestial bodies like the sun, moon and stars. It is also the place where the Celtic gods reside.
The Material world - Is where humans and animals live with the many forces of nature.
The Spirit realm - This is the place of death and rebirth.
These symbols and patterns work well with just about any other design. A trinity knot or Celtic Cross can easily be made into the heads of a series of key tattoos, or woven in and around a dragon.
If you want a Celtic tattoo design, it is highly recommended that you look up some lore. This will help you find or create a unique design with a deeper meaning which suits you.